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Mortgage Services

Mortgage Man Ltd are the mortgage professionals in Hawkes Bay

First home buyers, low doc loans, investment properties or refinancing? Our mortgage professionals in Hawkes Bay can help you choose the best home loan at a great rate.

First home buyers

Buying your first home is a very daunting process, which is why at Mortgage Man Ltd we’ll walk you through the steps from choosing the perfect loan to applying and getting approval. That way you can move on to the more exciting process of finding and moving into your first home!

Low doc loans

If you have trouble proving your income because you’re self-employed, a personal contractor, or have unusual sources of income, rest assured our mortgage professionals can still help you get approval on a loan with a great rate.

Investment properties

One of the most popular ways to build wealth for retirement is through an investment portfolio using rental income or by renovating and reselling houses. Unlike other companies in Hawkes Bay, we have access to a large range of loan solutions that offer flexibility while you build your portfolio as well as great rates to get the most out of your investments.


Refinancing is a great option for current homeowners who are after a better deal, for people who would like to simplify their debts and consolidate them under one loan, and those who want to access their equity to invest in renovations or another property. Call our mortgage professionals in Hawkes Bay to find out how we can help you.
Young couple celebrating after seeing mortgage professionals in Hawkes Bay
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